Founded in 2015, By the Grace of Dog Community Outreach and Rescue has a simple mission and simple goals: To Prevent neglect, cruelty and abandonment of animals; To provide care to and find homes for surrendered pets as well as offer education and support services to the public regarding the treatment of animals.

Liesa began working with chained dogs in her community back in 2010 after seeing a mother dog with puppies left chained to a tree in the woods. It inspired her to begin speaking out for them. She works hard within her community daily to advocate for these dogs and educate owners about the effects of long term chaining. She has delivered 100's of bales of straw, several 1000 pounds of food, built countless kennel enclosures and personally fostered over 150 dogs in the past 7 years and helped to free 100's more from their chained lives.  It is her that every dog be unchained & her goal to be proactive by educating and assisting pet owners but to do it with kindess and compassion because where there is a dog in need of help, there is a human in need of education.  It is about working together to improve lives! Everyone can do something! Be their voice!

            "True rescue isn't about Quantity, It's about Quality" ~ Liesa Collier, Founder 

We advocate for chained dogs in Pennsylvania and are asking EVERYONE to Be their voice. Everyone can do something!

If we want change to happen, every voter, every animal lover, EVERY RESIDENT in PA must contact their state representatives (find them here: to make a simple request:" Please support Humane Legislation and help make sure it gets a vote."

We  Support Humane Legislation in Pennslvania
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