By the Grace of Dog...

Is a Community Outreach and Rescue is dedicated to education, outreach and pet rescue with kindness and compassion for the sole purpose of preventing abandonment, cruelty, neglect and the inhumane treatment of animals. Committing ourselves and resources to helping people provide better care for their pets or finding loving forever homes for the deserving pets that come our way.

Making an Impact  in Your Community


By educating, rescuing, fostering or adopting a pet not only do you get their love and companionship, you get to be their hero. While saving pets and positively impacting lives is our main focus, providing educational information and low cost rescources are also a good portion of what we do.  A lot of animals depend on us and we depend on you. Contact us about adopting a pet, volunteering or becoming a foster angel today.

Helping Pets in Our Community with Kindness and Compassion

"Working hard to help those that don't have a voice. Keep making a positive difference in the lives of many! You are appreciated! " ~ Sarah C.